About 300,000 years ago, when the first Homo sapiens knew how to use fire, it opened up human consciousness and desire. Since then, human beings have gradually put self-awareness first. This ideology develops from individuals to groups, to the point that human feel that they can control nature and everything. Even declare that they are the masters of everything. We receive prodigious amounts of information every day, especially in an information explosion age like the 21st century.
This series talks about the phenomenon that a large amount of information is distorted by our brain's analysis. Many times, the information we receive is the product of others’ analyses. Then, through our personal cognition, emotions, and experience, and it finally transferred to the final consciousness. I used the 6x12 image size to represent the visual angle of human eyes, and I added a digitized long exposure image. This approach is to show that we cannot understand how many authenticities and lies behind the information. 
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