Wabi Sabi is two different Japanese aesthetic concepts, Wabi and Sabi. Their circumscription is not exact, and have no immediate English translation. The Japanese aesthetics “Wabi-Sabi”, such as incomplete beauty, high contrast, incomplete, lost, imperfect, submissive etc. Wabi-Sabi can be appreciated towards life: it is the imperfection in life that makes our lives so perfect. If one can accept that nothing is perfect and nothing lasts forever, they can then truly enjoy the meaning of life.   
The famous Chinese writer Eileen Chang, in the preface to the Chinese translation of American poet Ralph Waldo Emerson's work, writes “He believes the past is the mother of the future. It is the foundation of the future, and to reform the past, one must first understand this concept. He is convinced that transformation must start from an individual.” We do not know the future, not even the next second. However, the future is an infinite imagination.
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